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4M3ValuePlus 10M5ValuePlus 10M10ValuePlus 20M10ValuePlus 20M20ValuePlus 20M30ValuePlus Pro 20M50ValuePlus Pro 20MXL* Free GB
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extra 5GB just £3 more
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business QoS heavy lifting
Any Data*
Download up to 4Mbps
up to 10Mbps
up to 10Mbps
up to 20Mbps
up to 20Mbps
up to 20Mbps
up to 20Mbps
0.25 - 20Mbps*
Data 3GB 5GB 10GB 10GB 20GB 30GB 50GB Free GB*
Down / up 2.5/0.5GB 4.2/0.8GB 8.5/1.7GB 8.5/1.7GB 17/3GB 25/5GB 42/8GB any/any
£49.95 £49.95 £49.95 £49.95 £49.95 £49.95 £49.95 £49.95
Hardware Purchase £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269 £229 to £269
or Rental per month £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50
Unlimited GB
Option Option Option Option Option Option Option FREE
Zone 1/2
per month
£9.95 £19.95 - £22.95 £34.95 £49.95 £59.95 £69.95
Zone 3/4
per month
£15.95 £24.95 £29.95 - - - - -
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Select a Package and See Your Options

Click "SELECT" under any of the Packages and the easy-to-use interactive Package Builder displays the Service Zones for you to choose. Then just click on Contract Term and Subscription Period and you'll see the Cart change accordingly. Your Shopping Cart on the right keeps track of what you've chosen including wi-fi, installation and options such as special mounts, delivery and TV. You can change anything right up to checkout so don't hold back on seeing which combination of contract, speed and package give the result that's right for you.

When you go to checkout, you'll be asked to give your Billing information, so we know who to charge, your Shipping address, so we know where to send the equipment and your username and password if you have previously registered. There's also a space for any notes – for example, if you'll be using the equipment at a different address.

Simple Purchase - You Own Your Equipment

All new accounts qualify for one subsidised Terminal Equipment set: buy outright and benefit from a one-month rolling contract. Or sign up for one year and get an added discount.Whichever you choose, the equipment is yours (subject to completing the contract and Ts and Cs).

Low-Cost Rental just £12.50 per month

You can rent your equipment for just £12.50 per month on a minimum 2 year contract. Select the Rental Plan in the Terminal Equipment Set panel in the Package Builder. Rental Ts and Cs apply. More details here.

FreeZone adds Unlimited Data to Your Contract

Use FreeZone and keep your daytime data free for everyday use. FreeZone delivers overnight unlimited data download/upload at best effort speeds. Schedule large files like video, audio and software into the FreeZone time zone (11pm - 7am UK time) and your daytime data is unaffected. Learn more »

Satellite High Speed plus High Data: that's ValuePlus

ValuePlus Packages deliver a fixed monthly data traffic amount for download and upload. That's the "Value". The "Plus" is that after the fixed amounts are consumed, you stay online at the follow-on speed for a massive 30, 50, 75 or even 100GB depending on the Package. For more detail on the Data Allowance, the split Down / Up and the extra Follow-on data, click here.

*Go Extra Large with the 20MXL Free GB

The 20MXL Free GB Package has no overall monthly data cap and a stepped slow-down as you use more data. With over 40GB on the first step plus FreeZone's unlimited overnight data, the 20MXL is a mega deal for mega data. Speedsteps apply to both download and upload. For more detail on the Data Allowance and the split Down / Up click here.

UK Fixed IP

All our accounts come with a UK IP Address so you'll have no issues with access to local services such as BBC iPlayer. The IP address does not generally change so it can be treated as a Fixed or Static IP unless network changes it for operational reasons.

Package Service Speeds

The speeds quoted are "up to" maximum speeds of the satellite connection. As with all internet services, the actual speed achieved depends on the site visited and internet and network congestion. Learn more »


Satellites offer a "high-speed, high-latency" connection due to the distance of the satellites from the earth. The high latency may result in some webpages taking longer to appear and may affect some applications such as gaming and VPNs.

Flexible Data Reset puts you in control

At any time, you can buy a Data Reset if you've used up your data and want to go back to top speed before your normal monthly reset date. Data Resets are typically around 60% of the monthly subscription. Learn more »

VOIP Dedicated Channel

The VOIP option adds 1 standard VOIP channel (not Skype) with top priority. Data on this channel does not use up regular data amount. This option is £7pm on new contracts. You will also need a compatible VOIP telephony provider. Learn more »

**Service Zones

The service is provided over two satellites in two bands. So the service is available in different "Zones" or "Footprints" depending on which one you choose. The Service Zone you choose has different maximum upload speeds which are indicated on the Zone. Our Service Zone Footprints are here.

**Upload Speeds

In Zone 1, only 20M services have max upload of up to 2Mbps. 10M has max upload up to 1Mbs. 4M upto 0.5Mbs. In Zone 2 max upload for 20Mbs and 10M is 1Mbs, 4M is 0.5Mbs. In Zone 3 and 4 max upload is up to 364kbs. For more detail on Upload and Download Speeds by Zone, the Data Allowance, the split Down / Up and the extra Follow-on data, click here.

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Add a VOIP channel only £7 per month

You could talk 24/7 without any effect on your connection; even if you're on a Value package and have exceeded your allowance.

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Hello and welcome to Satellite Internet. We offer broadband anywhere in the UK, no phone required. Take a look around our site to find the best broadband package that suits you.

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Packages starting from £9.95 per month

  • up to 20Mbs unlimited data
  • 1m or 1y contracts