Signal Check for Gilat Aries Satmodem

Gilat Aries 100

The signal check for the Gilat Aries Satmodem is available on the satmodem web interface. You do not need to be connected to the internet for this, just the satmodem. You can see this GUI even if the satmodem is not connected to a dish.

 Access the webinterface by typing sky.manage in the address bar of your browser. Don't use (or allow the browser to add) "www" as this will try to vist the internet and that's not what you want.

If you have trouble with this, you can use the Default Gateway instead - this is your satmodem IP as given on your My Account page but take out the last figures after the "." and replace with "1".

CPE Status

You should see the satmodem (CPE) status page:

Gilat modem working properly

CPE stands for Consumer Premise Equipment which is the satmodem, dish and transceiver.

If you see the message Your modem is working properly then it is connected to the internet via the satellite. If not, please tell us what the error message says.

For signal check, the first parameter you are looking for is the Receive Level. The indicator bar being almost all the way to the right is more important than the actual figure although we may ask you what that is if you call us.

CPE Information page

Another useful screen is the CPE Information page:

CPE Information
This gives detailed information about the status of the connection, MAC address of the satmodem and other items.

The Receive signal is given here in a graph over time - Rx Es/N0. Changes to this may indicate if your dish has moved off point.

Again, if you need to call us, please be ready to tell us some of the figures you see here.

Diagnostics / Installation Log

You can check  the signal figures from the last time your satmodem was installed or when a Reinstall CPE was done.

Gilat installation log

 This gives you the time of the install or re-install, the received signal checked at the time is Max SNR Level and the result of the transmit signal check is Return Channel CoPol. These are the same figures we can see on the system as an RF Audit. An RF Audit or signal check, is done at Step 5/5 Installation Quality Verification during CPE Installation and when we carry out an RF Audit on your terminal.

CPE Installlation Receive Signal

The Receive signal is checked during Dish Pointing Step 2 of the CPE Installation process. If you see this screen:

Gilat 2 2 FP
 you can see the signal has the tick and Lock and the Current level is close to the Max achieved so far. Now Finish Pointing can be clicked.

If you see this screen:

Gilat 2 2

you can see that even though the signal does have Lock, the warning message is showing Current is below Max by quite a way and so the pointing is not yet good enough - it must be done again.