The signal check for the Newtec satmodems is common to all models in Ku:

NTC2250 100 NTC2252 100 MDM2200 5s 100

Checking your signal is the first step for any connection troubleshooting. Without correct dish and iLNB alignment, your satmodem won't get enough signal to work properly – or at all. You check dish pointing and iLNB angle as follows...

Signal Parameter Measurement Link to test Checks Affected by
Rx or
EsNo on the satmodem web GUI
satmodem webinterface (GUI) at is the signal received from the hub big enough?

dish pointing

(left vs right /down vs up)

Tx or
CNo on My Account page
62 or above
Signal CNo on View Data & Signal page is the transmitted signal being received properly at the hub?
Xpol or
 Xpol on test website
Xpol Tool website is the iLNB correctly angled in the clamp?  iLNB skew


left / right
compass bearing
up / down
scale on mount
iLNB Skew
rotation in clamp
scale on iLNB neck
 azimuthdiag2 200  elevation2 300  ntckuilnbskew2


If you need to re-point your dish, please check the required Az, El and Skew figures then follow the Point and Play manual, installation videos and instructions.
If you need to adjust the skew, please check the required Skew figure then follow the instructions on the Xpol Tool test page.

  1. Check your Receive (Rx) signal by going to your satmodem webinterface page (or type into the address bar of your browser). The EsNo should be around 14 – 15dB.
  2. Check your Transmit (Tx) signal by going to your Signal CNo Check page (on View Data & Signal). You need to be logged in with your My Account details (login at top of page). The CNo should be 64dBHz or above (62dBHz is the minimum).
  3. Check your Skew by going to and clicking on the "Perform Measurement" button.