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The Access Broadband Cymru Scheme

The Welsh Government is providing grants to help improve broadband for homes and businesses in Wales.

Recent changes to the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru Voucher Scheme now means that ALL homes and businesses across Wales that cannot currently receive a superfast (24Mbps+) connection are now eligible to apply for support.

Eligible properties can benefit from a subsidy that will help with a contribution towards the up-front equipment, installation and account activation costs of a faster broadband connection.


We at Satellite Internet are delighted to be able to provide eligible broadband services to your home or business under the scheme, which is operating from 4 January 2016 until March 2018. And if you're eligible, you may well be able to get set up and started for free! Read on for more details.

If I am eligible, what will this cost me?

Equipment? Absolutely nothing!

Account activation? Again... absolutely nothing!

Standard professional installation? You guessed it... absolutely nothing! **

So, the only cost to you should be the monthly charge for your choice of eligible package! **

** If your property requires a non-standard installation, you may need to pay an additional upfront charge, but don't worry - we'll let you know of any additional costs before you have to commit to anything.
** Please note that all commercial premises will require a site survey to be carried out prior to any installation, which is chargeable at £85 inc VAT. Any residential premises requiring a pre-installation site survey will have this carried out at no cost whatsoever.
** Finally, please also note that you will not own the equipment being provided to you under the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme, since the capital cost of the equipment provided to enable you to receive the service is being fully funded by Welsh government subsidy.

What packages can I choose from?

Here's some details on our most popular monthly packages available under the ABC Scheme:-

 SpeedMonthly Data LimitContract LengthEligible VoucherMonthly Price



Up to 20 Mbps


Up to 2 Mbps

10GB 12 Months £400




Up to 20 Mbps


Up to 2 Mbps

20GB 12 Months £400




Up to 20 Mbps


Up to 2 Mbps

30GB 12 Months £400




Up to 20 Mbps


Up to 2 Mbps

50GB 12 Months £400


In fact, all of our 20 Mbps monthly accounts that deliver 10GB of monthly data or more - as detailed on our packages page - are eligible for a £400 voucher and start from only £21.95 per month!

How does the scheme work? 

  1. First off, you should check if you are already able to receive a superfast broadband service via the Superfast Cymru postcode and/or landline checker.
  2. If you can't , then visit the ABC scheme page for Homes and Businesses and you'll be given full information about the scheme and the simple application process.
  3. Download and complete the appropriate application form and send it into the Welsh Government, along with the quote that you'll have asked us to send you - see below.
  4. Once you've received a Formal Offer of Funding letter, just get in touch with us and we'll do all the rest - and usually get you up and running with broadband over satellite within a couple of weeks

So, what do I need to do next?

If you like the look of our market-leading and competitively priced packages, just get in touch and ask us for a quote - you'll need one in order to apply for funding.

Just fill in the simple form below with your details and choice of monthly package and we'll get your quote to you as soon as possible.

Or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or best of all, just call us on 03333 447700 and we'll talk you through everything necessary and get you online as fast as possible.

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