Surf smarter!

Uncapped overnight data with our invaluable FreeZone option!




To provide an incredibly useful “get round” of the data limits in a satellite broadband service, our FreeZone option can be added to any of our monthly accounts.

At only an extra £8 per month, FreeZone delivers simply massive value! It offers you unlimited overnight data at best effort speeds - so that literally any data you down- or upload between the hours of 11pm to 7am simply won't be counted towards your monthly data usage!

So, if you’ve got some Windows updates to do, or you need to back-up your iPhone, or want to download a TV program or movie, then by far the most sensible thing to do is to take up our FreeZone option and then schedule any large downloads into the FreeZone period.

We simply cannot recommend our FreeZone option strongly enough - it's just like Economy 7 for your satellite broadband!

Call us NOW on the phone number shown above and we'll get FreeZone added to your account in minutes!