Satellite Internet fully supports BDUK's Better Broadband scheme

Are you sick and tired of slow broadband speeds where you live or work?

Well, did you know that you may well qualify for financial assistance from the government? If you are eligible, you could be connected within just a couple of weeks or so to our fast and robust satellite broadband service -  and at an up-front cost of only £70... saving you over £400!

What's more, our range of monthly packages all run at download speeds of up to 20Mbps and start from only £21.95 inc VAT!


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Whether you're running a business or shopping online, slow broadband speeds can be incredibly frustrating. The Better Broadband Scheme has been developed by the UK government to give immediate assistance to those people suffering with the slowest speeds by providing a subsidised installation for a better connection.

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme will cover or contribute towards the costs of installing improved wireless-, 4G- or satellite-delivered broadband for all businesses and homes that are currently stuck with speeds of less than 2 Mbps. With a subsidy of up to £350 for each eligible home and business, the scheme is part of the government's plans to get the whole country better connected.

By boosting the internet speed for households, the Better Broadband Scheme wll allow families to browse the web, download movies, TV programs and other multimedia content and check emails all at the same time. The scheme will also deliver a better internet experience for businesses and local start-ups, who will be able to communicate with both existing and potential clients, check up on orders and stay up to date with market trends much more efficiently.

Applications to the subsidy scheme can be made up until the end of 2017 and will NOT prevent your premises from being considered for a superfast broadband upgrade in the future. To find out if you are eligible and for more information about the Better Broadband Scheme, please visit the dedicated Better Broadband Scheme website here.


We at Satellite Internet are delighted to be a fully Registered Service Provider operating on a true nationwide basis under the Better Broadband Scheme and so we're able to deliver a wide range of eligible broadband packages to your home or business.

Choose us as your supplier under the Better Broadband Scheme and the amount you'll save will increase further - to over £400. That's because we're doing our bit too by supplying a cable WiFi router - worth £60 and which you are simply bound to need - absolutely free of charge with every order.

Even better news... because the broadband services we offer are delivered over satellite, we're able to provide a fast and reliable connection to just about any property within the UK and what's more, get your connection up and running within just a couple of weeks or so.


The BDUK Better Broadband subsidy scheme is available to any residential or commercial property with current broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps broadband speed across the entire UK, with the exception of Wales and Devon & Somerset.

These two regions are running their own separate subsidy schemes - for information on these, please click here to go to our main Government Subsidy Schemes page.


If yours is a residential property that qualifies for the subsidy, then your entire costs of getting started on our fast and robust satellite broadband service running at up to 20Mbps will amount to... only £70!

Yes, ALL aspects of initial set-up - equipment, professional installation and activation of your account - will only cost you £70!

And what's more, we'll also supply you with a TP Link wireless router - worth £60 inc VAT - entirely free of charge!

Commercial premises are also eligible to apply for the Better Broadband subsidy and again, we'll supply and install all necessary equipment, activate your account and supply you with a router for a total cost to you of only £70. However, any commercial premises will in every case require a site survey that will be charged at £85 inc VAT, prior to any installation going ahead.

Read on for more details and to see full details of the monthly packages we offer - there's bound to be one that'll suit you.


The normal costs of getting started with satellite broadband are well over £400 and can run a lot higher than that, depending on how complex an installation is needed at your premises.

However, if you've qualified for a Better Broadband subsidy, then we will be able to get you online quickly and easily - and best of all, for a cost to you of only £70, no matter how complicated installation at your property may be! **

That's right... if you're eligible under the scheme, your entire contribution towards getting set up and connected via our fast satellite broadband service will be just £70.

  • Equipment? Absolutely nothing more!
  • Account activation? Again... absolutely nothing more!
  • Professional installation? You guessed it... absolutely nothing more!
  • TP Link Wireless Router? Worth £60 inc VAT but included for... absolutely nothing more!

The only other payment you'll need to make will be the monthly charge for your choice of satellite internet package! These start from as little as £21.95 inc VAT per month! **

** Please note that all commercial premises will require a site survey to be carried out prior to any installation, which is chargeable at £85 inc VAT. This is the only additional set-up charge that will apply. Any residential premises will be fully set up and activated for a total payment of only £70, even if a pre-installation site survey is required, as stated above.
** Please also note that the offer of installation does not give the applicant any right to specify a mounting location for the satellite dish. Although applicants' preferences will of course be taken into account wherever feasible, we will decide upon and offer a location for dish mounting at our sole discretion. Government funding will specifically not cover any additional costs involved in a more expensive installation location that is being requested on purely aesthetic grounds.
** Finally, please note that you will not own the equipment being provided under the BDUK Better Broadband Scheme, since the capital cost of the equipment provided in order for you to be able to receive the service is being fully funded by government subsidy.


We have a wide range of approved monthly packages available under the Better Broadband scheme starting from only £21.95 per month - all in! And you've got the added flexibility of only having to sign up to a 12 month contract!

Take a look at our package details at the top of this page - there's bound to be one that suits your internet needs.


Applying for a BDUK Better Broadband subsidy code couldn't be easier. All you need do is visit the BDUK Better Broadband Scheme Postcode Checker, which you can find here.

Just pop in your postcode in the box provided, click the orange "Check" button and you'll then be given a direct link to the Better Broadband Scheme application form from your Local Authority that applies to your particular location.

And if you need any more help or advice on the above, just call us on 03333 447700 and we'll walk you through the application process.


If you have already been issued with a Better Broadband voucher code, all you need do is decide on whichever of our monthly satellite broadband packages best fits your internet needs - you'll find details on these at the top of this page. Then just drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details and we'll handle everything for you from there on in.

We'll validate your code with the issuing local authority and, if valid, we'll then get back in contact with you to confirm your order, take any payments due and arrange a convenient time for the installation of your service.

Or if you'd rather talk things through, why not call us on 03333 447700? We'll help you choose a package that's best for you, answer any of your questions and get you online as fast as possible.

Need help or more information? Just give us a call on 03333 447700!