Client:Cyd Loveday and his wife Sue own a pub called the Plough & Harrow Inn located in the village of Felinfach, situated in the rural Brecon Beacons area. The Inn comprises of a licensed bar with dining and three en-suite rooms.

Challenge:Like any business, the pub needed an internet connection to be able to make the business known about, as well as do a number of transactions. Due to the countryside location of the Inn, the terrestrial internet would not have been quick, efficient or reliable enough.


Solution:A satellite broadband connection was provided by Satellite Internet using fast Ka-band technology, allowing Cyd and his wife to have download speeds of up to 20Mbs.

Outcome:The internet that is now available in the Plough & Harrow Inn has noticeably higher speeds and this makes it easy for Cyd to track bookings made for his business through an application called Front Desk. Cyd and his wife check Front Desk every morning to check who will be staying at their hotel and when. The application makes it much easier for them to run their business effectively and without the satellite broadband connection they would not be able to use it.

Keeping the website updated with new deals, prices and photographs is also important for the business to be run successfully and to attract new customers. The internet service allows for this to be done, as well as for emails to be sent quickly to suppliers. More benefits include the management of their financial accounts online, and also personal advantages: Cyd and his wife regularly use BBC iPlayer to catch up on television shows they have missed.

Testimonial/Quote:Cyd Loveday, owner of the Plough & Harrow Inn, said: “With our new Astra Connect broadband technology it is a lot easier to access and take bookings. It has been a great help and it’s made a great difference when time is of the essence in this business. It is also important for us to update our rates regularly, as well as change the advertising content of the website, so with the reliable satellite internet connection we can now do this with ease.”

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a specialist satellite ISP serving homes and businesses in rural and hard-to-reach areas all over the UK and Eire. Based in London with installers all over the country, Satellite Internet has extensive experience in low-cost satellite broadband for consumers and SMEs and is proud to be one of Astra Connect’s UK partners.

Astra ConnectWorking in partnership with satellite service providers, like Satellite Internet, the Astra Connect satellite network complements terrestrial broadband networks by offering high-speed, reliable broadband internet access. Its network of satellites connects people in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to the World Wide Web.