We have teamed up with some of the world's leading companies to bring you satellite broadband wherever you are in the UK and Eire. The system is jointly developed by Satellite Internet, SES - the satellite operator and two leading edge manufacturers - Newtec and Gilat.

But there's much more to our overall service package for our customers. Our website design by ufruity is the front end to a unique system engineered by ISS. This lets us and our support partner, TMTI, access all relevant details in real time so we can give the best possible service to customers and resellers.

Underpinning this is our national network of retailers and our national installation network. The whole operation is intended to ensure customers can order, be installed, be connected and be supported with the best possible standards. Our satellites may be in orbit but our customers depend on our down-to-earth service.

Satellite Technology

SES Broadband ServicesSES Powered-by BL L ver 100

Our services run over the SES satellites and are operated by SES Broadband Services. The network complements terrestrial broadband networks in rural areas to provide households, businesses, industry and institutional bodies, as well as whole communities, with high-speed, reliable broadband internet access. SBBS is dedicated to bringing broadband connectivity to those who are unconnected to help close the digital divide.

SES Broadband Services is based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg and is a 100% owned affiliate of SES, a world-leading global satellite operator. SES owns and operates a fleet of 50 geostationary satellites. For the UK, SES delivers Sky, Freesat and BBC digital TV to more than 10 million homes using the same satellites delivering our Satellite Internet service. Click here to visit their website.

Satmodem & Hub

The internet connnection over the satellite is provided by two pieces of equipment: the satmodem in your home and the hub at SBBS. Our services use hub/satmodem systems from two manufacturers:


If you have a silver or a black satmodem, it's been manufactured by Newtec. Newtec Cy was founded in 1985 by two engineers with a vision: Dirk Breynaert and Jean-Marie Maes. Their vision has produced a satcom pioneering company with over 280 employees in 5 continents. Some of today's industry standard in satellite communications have Newtec written all over them, such as DVB, DVB-RCS, ATSC, ABS-S and many others including today, satellite IP delivering satellite broadband. Click here to visit their website.

Gilatgilat 100

The white satmodems are made by Gilat. Gilat's SkyEdge II-c products bring affordable broadband access to consumers and small businesses. High speed data, voice and Internet are delivered by one of the industry's most advanced, yet easiest to use, VSAT technology. With over a million VSATs shipped to over 430 networks in 90 countries, Gilat is simply synonymous with satellite broadband communication. Click here to visit their website.

UK / Eire Operations

Eurosat Groupeurosat 100

The Eurosat Group has been leading the way in satellite equipment & consumer electronics for the independent trade since before the launch of ASTRA 1A in 1988. Eurosat distributes everything a retailer or installer might need for any requirement from the simplest single TV dish right up to professional 2.4m VSAT dishes for remote communications and digital TV networks for flats, hotels and estates. BeyonDSL is part of the Eurosat Group and benefits from its nationwide logistics and 25 years of satelllite equipment experience. Click here to visit their website.


TMTI works with a variety of companies to improve and enhance the customer service experience, reduce returns and help communicate their sales and product information via all the latest digital media channels. They operate specialist technology call centres in the UK staffed by trained experts for customers to talk to. Click here to visit their website.

ISSinfluential 100

Since 2005, Influential Software have been a key partner for us in developing the systems to provision and maintain customers, set their service up and integrate service data into the website.  Influential is driven by a mission to deliver top quality solutions for customers with one core set of objectives: to drive revenue, underpin growth and enhance profitability. They achieve this by delivering tailor-made solutions, using the perfect balance of software developed by their team of software engineering and business process experts, backed up by unbeatable tools from the world's leading software vendors, such as SAP Business Objects and IBM COGNOS. Click here to visit their website.

ufruityufruity 100

Our new site and brand was created by Kent based web design agency, ufruity. With roots in the creative industry that stretch back over two decades, they're built on creativity and bring a fresh and imaginative approach to their work. As a fully-integrated digital agency they offer clients a complete range of digital solutions, giving the very best service you'd expect from a web agency without the hefty price tag. Click here to visit their website.

National Installation Servicetsg 100

For our National Installation Service, we rely on the experts, TSG. Established in December 2003, the Total Support Group otherwise known as 'TSG' provides us with an award winning 'one stop shop' solution to our and our customers' requirements for reliable, rapid and high-quality installlations. Operating from 6 Regional Support Offices situated across the country, the TSG network employs over 150 members of staff including 80 field installation teams and provides a truly national service. Click here to visit their website.

Our Retailers and Installers

We have a specialised network of Retailers, Resellers and Installers through the UK. If you have spacialised local requirements or just want to talk to an expert about your particular installation, you can contact one directly. You still order the equipment and subscription from us. All our installlers abide by the CAI Codes of Practice and Conduct so if you choose this route, you can be confident of a quality, bespoke job. You can search for your local Retailer / Installler by putting your postcode in this Retailer Search page.