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Select a Package and See Your Options

Choose one of our headline packages underneath “Choose A Package” or click “View All Available Packages” to see and select from everything we offer for your location. You’ll need to pick a minimum contract term and then our easy-to-use interactive Package Builder is displayed so you may compile your order. Your Shopping Cart on the right keeps track of what you've chosen including wi-fi, installation and options such as special mounts, delivery and TV. You can change anything right up to checkout so don't hold back on seeing which combination of contract, speed and package give the result that's right for you.

When you go to checkout, you'll be asked to give your Billing information, so we know who to charge, your Shipping address, so we know where to send the equipment and your username and password if you have previously registered. There's also a space for any notes – for example, if you'll be using the equipment at a different address.

Market-Leading and Best-Priced Monthly Packages - That's Generation 4

Our Generation 4 (Gen4) packages all offer download speeds of up to 20Mbps. Each delivers a fixed amount of data per month for download and upload, so you can choose the one that best fits your internet usage.

And if you ever find you've used up your monthly data allowance, don't worry! It's really quick and easy to buy a Data Top-Up whenever you need. And better still, to make things as cost-effective and flexible as possible, Data Top-Ups can be bought one Gigabyte at a time - so you only need to buy exactly what you need.

For more detail on Gen 4 package Data Allowances, and the split between Down- and Upload, click here.

Buy or Rent - the choice is yours

All new subscribers qualify for one specially discounted equipment set, but you have the option to buy your equipment outright or, if you'd rather, to take advantage of our low-start rental option. It's entirely up to you.

Own Your Equipment

For the lowest ongoing monthly charges and the flexibility of the shortest possible contract, just choose to buy your equipment outright and select our 30 days rolling contract. Or for an additional equipment discount, choose our one year contract option. Whichever you choose, the equipment is yours (subject to completing the contract and Ts and Cs).

Low-Start Rental just £15 per month

Or if you’d rather, you can choose to rent your equipment over a minimum 2 year contract. Selecting our low-start rental option means that you’ll pay a small upfront charge of £60 and then only an extra £15 per month for the term of your contract. And after it’s come to an end, you can then buy your equipment outright for only £20. Rental Ts and Cs apply. More details here.

FreeZone adds Unlimited Data to Your Contract

Our very attractive FreeZone option keeps your daytime data free for normal use. FreeZone delivers overnight unlimited data download/upload at best effort speeds. Just schedule large files like video, audio and software into the FreeZone time zone (11pm - 7am UK time) and anything you download or upload during this period won’t be counted towards your monthly data usage. Learn more »

Full 24/7 UK-based Customer Telephone Support

Although we pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our satellite broadband service, there may be the odd occasion where you need help with an issue. It's therefore good to know that our dedicated UK-based tech support staff are just a phone call away and ready to offer assistance, literally at any time of the day or night.

UK Fixed IP

All our accounts come with a UK IP Address so you'll have no issues with access to local services such as BBC iPlayer. The IP address does not generally change so it can be treated as a Fixed or Static IP unless network changes it for operational reasons.

Package Service Speeds

The speeds quoted are "up to" maximum speeds of the satellite connection. As with all internet services, the actual speed achieved depends on the site visited and internet and network congestion. Learn more »


Satellites offer a "high-speed, high-latency" connection due to the distance of the satellites from the earth. The high latency may result in some webpages taking longer to appear and may affect some applications such as gaming and VPNs. Learn more »

Easy Data TopUp - flexible data when you need it

If you have used up all your package data, you can buy a Data TopUp. (20MXL uses Data Resets) Each Data TopUp gives you 853 MB download and 171 MB upload. So you can buy what you need as and when needed. Learn more »

VOIP Dedicated Channel

The VOIP option adds 1 standard VOIP channel (not Skype) with top priority. Data on this channel does not use up regular data amount. This option is £7pm on new contracts. You will also need a compatible VOIP telephony provider. Learn more »

**Service Zones

Services are available in different "Zones" or "Footprints" depending on which equipment is used. All new installs use Ka for the fastest speeds (except for combined TV installs and older installs which use Ku). Our Service Zone Footprints are here.