How does Satellite Internet work?

Are you fed up with having poor internet speeds? And sick and tired of waiting to see if a fast broadband service will ever reach you? Well, did you know that there's already a fast and reliable satellite-based solution available to you? And best of all, it's available right now!

Our satellite internet service is available almost anywhere in the entire UK and it's deployable almost immediately!

With download speeds of up to 20Mbps, it's compatible with any computer that has a network connection and just like any other broadband service, with a WiFi router, you can share your connection across multiple devices within your property.

We use SES, Europe's leading provider of satellite services, to deliver broadband via its fleet of ASTRA satellites - the very same ones that broadcast Sky TV, so you're guaranteed the highest levels of reliability.

So why not get in touch on 03333 447700 and discover which of our wide range of monthly packages would best suit your internet needs?

Here's some more detail on how broadband delivered over satellite works, together with some information on the equipment you'll need to receive the service.


In simple terms, our satellite broadband service works like this:-

Your PC or router is plugged into a special satellite modem (or "satmodem") that we'll install inside your property.

Your satmodem is connected to a special satellite dish - typically 76cm in size - that we'll fit to the outside of your property, pointing it precisely at the southern sky.

The satellite dish communicates back and forth with the ASTRA satellite fleet in geostationary orbit high above the Equator.

The ASTRA satellite fleet communicates back and forth with SES's main uplink located in Luxembourg.

SES's uplink is directly connected via multiple Gigabits of bandwidth to the wider internet in general

So a complete round trip amounts to a total distance of some 90,000 miles - which is the reason why a satellite broadband service will take a little longer to respond when compared to more traditional terrestrial-based services...

BUT the good news is that, because the whole of the UK is already covered by the satellite services we offer, we can enable almost any home or business with a fast and robust broadband connection within just a couple of weeks or so! All that's necessary is a point at your location where we can mount a dish with a clear line of sight to the southern sky.

The internal satmodem we supply offers a single ethernet port for a cabled connection. However, if you want to share your internet connection with multiple devices - such as PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, digital TV boxes etc - within your property, all that's needed in addition is for a cable type router to be plugged into your satmodem. The one we range offers 4 ethernet ports, plus it also broadcasts your internet connection wirelessly over WiFi within your property.

And if you need to extend internet coverage within your premises, we have efficient and cost-effective solutions for this as well - just give us a call on 03333 447700 and we'll be happy to talk things through with you.

Of course, satellite internet is bound to be a little different from traditional terrestrial broadband services - please click here to find out more.