KU Band Services on ASTRA 23.5E and 28.2E

Please note that our legacy KU band services are no longer available for new order as of June 1st, 2017. However, services for all our existing KU band customers will continue to operate as normal.


Information on our legacy KU band ValuePlus monthly accounts catering for certain more specialist requirements.

Although our ValuePlus KU band based services run at slower speeds than our latest GEN4 KA band based services (with maximum download speeds for KU being up to 10 Mbps, rather than up to 20 Mbps and maximum upload speeds being up to 0.35 Mbps, rather than up to 2 Mbps), you may have chosen one of our KU band accounts, if you fell into any of the following categories:-

  • You needed a transportable satellite broadband deployment (attached to a camper van or movable caravan, for example)
  • You were looking for the widest possible coverage throughout mainland Europe (including Spain & Portugal)
  • Your location was either in the Hebrides or in the extreme west of the Republic of Ireland
  • You were looking for a single dish solution, combining satellite broadband and satellite TV **
  • ** If you did want a single dish solution, you'll also have needed to purchase a shielded Satelco quad feed digital satellite TV LNB with side clamp for dual LNB mounting. You'll also have needed to ensure that you had extra cable to enable installation. If unsure, just give us a call on 03333 447700 and our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to inform you.

How does a KU Band ValuePlus account work?

With our range of KU Band ValuePlus monthly packages, your maximum "up to" download and upload speeds remain the same throughout your entire monthly data allowance.

However, when you reach your monthly download or upload data limit, your account won't immediately become blocked. Instead, we allow a very generous extra amount of data to be down- or uploaded, albeit at much reduced "follow-on" speeds, until you eventually hit our overuse limit, and it's only then that your account will be blocked.

Also, our range of KU Band ValuePlus monthly packages offer Data Resets, rather than Data Top-Ups. This mean that, if you do find yourself on the follow-on speed or you have hit the overuse limit, you can at any time purchase a Data Reset with one click via your "My Account" dashboard, rather than having to wait for your account's regular monthly reset date.

Buying a Data Reset will instantly zero your data usage for the current month and the maximum speeds available to you will immediately return to normal.

Further useful information on our KU Band ValuePlus accounts

For details on monthly data limits, how these are split between download and upload allowances and what speeds are applied to our KU Band ValuePlus monthly packages, packages, please click here »

For a quickstart guide on how to use your "My Account" dashboard, which lets you monitor your monthly data usage on a live basis and gives you the opportunity to purchase an instantly applied Data Reset at any time of the day or night, please click here »

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