STOP PRESS! You could save up to £400!

Government subsidy schemes are available right now across the entire UK

If you've only got access to poor broadband speeds, you may well qualify for a government subsidy that could save you between £350 and £400!

And if so, we'll include a cable wifi router with your order - worth £60 - absolutely free! **

For more information on the availability of government subsidy schemes, please click here ».

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If you're not eligible for a government grant but still want to find out how cost-effective satellite internet can be, why not get a quote?


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Are you sick and tired of slow broadband? And fed up with waiting to see if a better service will ever reach your location? Well there's a solution that's available to you right now - and better yet, one that can be installed within just a few weeks.

 At Satellite Internet, we've got over 15 years of experience in bringing fast and robust internet access to thousands of satisfied customers - both domestic and business - in some of the most rural and remote locations across the entire UK. So why not take a look at our market-leading range of monthly packages - there's bound to be one that fits your broadband needs. Learn more about satellite broadband here »

** Free router offer not currently available to qualifying properties within Wales.


All of our market-leading Generation 4 (Gen4) packages offer download speeds of up to 20Mbps and start from as little as £9.95 per month. Each offers a fixed amount of data per month for download and upload - just like minutes on a Pay As You Go mobile phone account.

So whether you're a light user just wanting to email, browse the web and shop online, or have higher demands and are looking to download movies or watch catch-up TV, we've got a package that's right for you.

For more detail on all Gen4 package Monthly Data Limits and what the split is between Download and Upload allowances, please click here »


Not sure how long you'll need our satellite broadband service? Just choose our 30 day contract option and you'll have that flexibility you're looking for. Or if you like, choose our 12 month contract option and save £50 on your equipment costs. Whichever way you decide, once you've completed your chosen contract, the equipment is yours to keep.

Total set-up costs to get you up and running start from as low as £410, including a professional standard installation.


You may well qualify for a government subsidy and if so, you'll save at least £350 on any up-front costs!

Call us NOW on 03333 447700 and we'll be happy to help you apply.


At a cost of only £8.00 extra per month, taking advantage of our FreeZone option means that any data down- or uploaded between the hours of 11pm to 7am simply won't count towards your monthly data usage.

So, if you’ve got some Windows updates to do, or you need to back-up your iPhone, or want to download a TV program or movie, then by far the most sensible way to do this is to take up our FreeZone option and then schedule any large downloads into the FreeZone period. We cannot recommend our FreeZone option strongly enough.

Find out more about our simply invaluable FreeZone account option by clicking here.


If you ever do find you've used up your monthly data allowance, don't worry! It's really quick and easy to buy a Data Top-Up whenever you need. Better yet, to make things as cost-effective and flexible as possible, Data Top-Ups can be bought one GB at a time (split 853 MB download and 171 MB upload) - so you only need to buy exactly what you need.


Got a mobile home or campervan and need internet access? Our sister division 4G Internet offers a wide range of monthly 4G broadband packages that may well suit your needs. Find out all about these by clicking here.


Although we pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our satellite broadband service, there may be the odd occasion where you need help with an issue. It's therefore good to know that our dedicated UK-based tech support staff are just a phone call away and ready to offer assistance, literally at any time of the day or night.

Just call 03333 447700, select menu option 3 for Technical Support and someone will be there to help you as soon as possible.


All of our monthly packages put you in control via your “My Account” dashboard. This extremely useful online tool lets you monitor all aspects of your Satellite Internet account. Keep an eye on your live monthly data usage, make one-click purchases of Data Top-Ups, update your personal details, check your monthly bills – it’s all there for you to access quickly and easily in one single place. Learn how to access and use My Dashboard here »


All speeds quoted are on an "up to" basis and represent the maximum speed of the satellite connection. As with all internet services, actual speeds achieved depend on internet resource demand and network congestion at the time.

As is typical with any satellite broadband service, in order to share out the connectivity we provide fairly across our entire user base, all our monthly packages feature speedsteps. This means that as you use up more of your data allowance each month, the maximum - or "up to" - download and upload speeds available to you decrease.

For full details on how speed steps are applied to each of our monthly packages, please click here »