21 March 2011

As part of the continual development of the service, we are pleased to announce a forthcoming upgrade to the system. The service will be interrupted during the morning of Wed 23rd March as part of the process. Both hub and satmodem are being upgraded which should result in improved service.

In addition to general improvements, the upgrade adds:

  • Full support for HTTP 1.1 (should improve access to some webpages and services)
  • The Test page on the satmodem web interface will include information on the number of TCP sessions open on your connection (which may help detect abnormal use)
  • For NTC 1072 type satmodems (check under the Hardware tab on satmodem web interface), there will be an iLNB connection check.

You do not have to do anything to get your satmodem upgraded. This will happen automatically as the software is uploaded from the hub. Even if your satmodem is turned off, it will download it the next time it is turned on. Do not interrupt the firmware upgrade process. Full details are in your User Manual which is on the CD which came with the equipment. You can download a copy here.

The upgrade is planned for w/c 28 March. Once complete, you should see the software version on your satmodem change to

In preparation for this, there will be a short outage on the morning of Wednesday 23rd March. The process will start at 08.15 UK time and should be complete by 10.45. If you notice a service interruption on your connection, please wait until 10.45 by when all connections should have been switched and reconnected automatically. Your IP address will not change.