Satellite Internet is now operating on behalf of Satellite Solutions Worldwide Limited

As of November 6th 2017, we at Satellite Internet entered into an agreement to transfer our entire satellite broadband customer base over to Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd (SSW). Please read on for more details.



As existing customers will be aware, we at Satellite Internet have for many years provided broadband services delivered via SES’s ASTRA satellite fleet. After much consideration, we have taken a business decision to no longer provide broadband services via satellite in order for us to focus more fully on other broadband delivery technologies.

However needless to say, we were entirely determined to ensure that our customers' satellite broadband service continued seamlessly, without interruption or change.

Transfer of existing customer accounts to Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd

On that basis, we agreed with Satellite Solutions Worldwide Limited (SSW), the UK-based global satellite broadband provider, that all existing customer accounts should be transferred over to them and this transfer took effect as of November 6th, 2017.

As a result of this transfer and to ensure continued service of existing customers' satellite broadband accounts, their contact details and other related information (but please note, no payment details) were passed over to SSW. Legal assurance under the Data Protection Act was put in place to assure that going forward, SSW deals with and protects any personal information to the same required high standards by which we ourselves have always abided.

Will anything change for existing customers?

No, effectively nothing. SSW, which wholly owns Europasat and Avonline amongst other companies, has nigh on one hundred thousand customers around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. SSW is also a major customer of SES, so are well used to supplying the exact same monthly broadband services delivered via the ASTRA satellite fleet that we ourselves supplied. This means that the satellite broadband services which customers will now receive from them will be at least as good as what they have come to expect from us.

For reassurance, existing customers' satellite broadband packages will not be changed in any way as a result of this transfer of accounts.

Do existing customers need to take any action?

No, none. In fact, for a period of up to three months (so, up until the beginning of February 2018), all aspects of existing customers' satellite broadband accounts will be fully managed and operated by us as usual – except we will be doing so on behalf of SSW. While this transitional period is in place, literally nothing will change from an administration, technical support or billing point of view. So, if any existing customer has any queries or issues, they should contact us as normal via phone, email or ticketing system.

This three month transitional period has been put in place to to allow SSW time to migrate existing customer accounts onto their own systems. At some time during this period, SSW will get in contact with all existing customers in order to set up ongoing payments directly to them. Once this has been done, customers will of course no longer be billed by us for services.

How about new customers brought on by Satellite Internet after Nov 6th?

We at Satellite Internet will for at least the next three months continue to offer the exact same satellite broadband packages that we have always ranged to new customers looking for better broadband connectivity in locations where other broadband services are not adequate. It's simply that in doing this, we will be operating on behalf of SSW and as stated above, any new customers for whom we install and provision a satellite broadband service will also be contacted by SSW at or just before the beginning of February 2018, in order to be migrated onto their billing and support platforms.

Again, such new customers' satellite broadband packages will not be changed in any way as a result of this.

As detailed above, we have taken every possible step to ensure that all customers' satellite broadband services will continue unchanged in any way. Furthermore, we are completely confident that, by virtue of customers' accounts being transferred to the premier satellite broadband provider in the UK, the services that they will receive will be second to none in every aspect.

May we take this opportunity to thank all customers for their continued custom and wish them all the very best for the future.

The Satellite Internet team