Recommend A Friend Promotion

Help a neighbour – and help yourself!

As a Satellite Internet customer, you’ll already know that, despite living in an area where conventional broadband solutions simply cannot supply you with an adequate service, you can still receive fast and reliable connectivity to the Internet.

Well… isn’t this something that your neighbours would welcome knowing about and taking advantage of as well? And now’s a really great time for them to do just that. Here’s why.

The UK Government has grants available for premises with slow broadband speeds. If eligible, your neighbour will save over £400...

The government is committed to improving broadband speeds across the entire country. If your neighbour can’t get speeds of over 2 Mbps, then they will be eligible for subsidy. If so, by choosing to go with our fast and robust satellite broadband service, they could be connected within just a couple of weeks or so.

What's more, our wide range of monthly packages all run at download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and start from only £21.95 inc VAT, so there’s bound to be one that suits.

Applying for a subsidy couldn’t be simpler – and doesn’t commit anyone to anything at all. If your neighbour just gives us a call or drops us an email, we’ll be happy to walk him or her through the quick and easy process.

…and there are rewards for you too!

Of course, such good neighbourliness shouldn’t go unrewarded, so we’d like to offer you a thank-you as well. So, if you help out a neighbour and get him or her signed up to our service, we’ll send you a £20 Amazon voucher once their order has been placed and they've been on our service for a month.

And it doesn’t stop there – help a second neighbour to get signed up and you’ll be sent another £20 Amazon voucher, if they stay with our service for more than a month. And there’s no limit on how many vouchers you can earn.

It’s so easy! How it works

Signing up couldn’t be simpler – just get your neighbour to take a look at our market-leading range of monthly packages and choose the one that best fits his or her household’s needs – and of course, being an existing customer, you may be able to offer useful advice on this.

Once your neighbour’s decided, all they need do is drop us an email with their contact details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simpler still, just give our friendly sales team a call on 03333 447700. We’ll be happy to talk things through, answer any questions and get your neighbour online as fast as possible – typically within just a couple of weeks.

Just make sure that, when your neighbour speaks to our sales team, they mention that you have recommended them and that they give us YOUR email address (the one you use with your Satellite Internet account), so that we can email you your Amazon voucher once your neighbour’s order is complete and they’ve had their first month of service.

And to help ensure your details are passed onto us, we’ll ALSO send your neighbour their own £5 Amazon voucher if they give us your email address when ordering, once their order is complete and they’ve had their first month of service.

And that’s all there is to it!

So… don’t delay! Be a good neighbour and help out those living nearby you – and help yourself at the same time.

 And now for the boring bit - the promotion terms and conditions. But don't worry - we've kept these as simple as possible!


Satellite Internet Recommend A Friend Promotion

Terms and Conditions - April 2017

Referrer shall mean is an existing customer with an active Satellite Internet subscription.

Referred Friend shall mean a person who has the Satellite Internet service recommended to him or her by a Referrer.

For a successful referral to be deemed as having taken place, all the following will need to have occurred:-

  • Referred Friend must place an order over the phone directly with Satellite Internet's sales team in order for both parties to become eligible for the reward. 
  • Referred Friend must also ensure that relevant Referrer’s details are passed across at the time of sale in order for both parties to become eligible for the reward.
  • Satellite Internet will accept either email address as associated with Referrer’s Satellite Internet account or Referrer’s name and postcode as sufficient Referrer information.
  • Full payment by the Referred Friend for their order with Satellite Internet must be received, the account activated and the Referred Friend must stay as a subscriber to the service for more than 30 days after his/her service is started.

Satellite Internet will not accept Referrer details being supplied after a Referred Friend’s order is placed - information must be provided at the point of sale.

Following it having been established by Satellite Internet at its sole discretion that the conditions detailed above have been met in their entirety, applicable rewards will then be issued by email to both Referrer and Referred Friend.

Rewards shall be paid out in the following manner:-

  • A £20 Amazon e-voucher to the Referrer per successful referral and
  • A £5 Amazon e-voucher to the Referred Friend.

These are online vouchers redeemable against purchases made at

Rewards shall be emailed to both Referrer and Referred Friend on the 1st of the month following the first 30 days of usage of the service by the Referred Friend.

There is no cash alternative nor any other alternative available under any circumstances.

There is no limit on how many vouchers a Referrer can earn.

Rewards shall be withheld, should there be reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity.

This offer shall not apply, if the Referred Friend is a customer who already has or who has ever had an account with Satellite Internet.

Both new and existing customers are eligible to be Referrers under the terms of this promotion

Satellite Internet fully reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time after which no future vouchers will be provided, or to alter the terms of this promotion at any time.