Maybe give satellite a thought - but only if you can't get 4G broadband.

If you're not covered by our best value, fast and reliable 4G broadband solutions, there is one option of last resort.

We at Satellite Internet know pretty much everything there is to know about satellite broadband - in fact, until recently we were the UK's longest-established specialist satellite Internet Service Provider, with 15+ years of only supplying broadband over satellite.

However, things change, technology moves on and new solutions become available. Which is why two years ago, we launched a sister division - 4G Internet - which exclusively focuses on supplying broadband over 4G. Click here to visit our 4G Internet website

Following that launch, it almost immediately became apparent to us how much happier our 4G broadband customers were. 4G broadband is just so much faster, so much more stable and so much more cost-effective than satellite broadband. It was therefore perhaps entirely unsurprising that we rapidly saw a simply massive and sustained rise in customer satisfaction levels amongst users of our 4G broadband services. In fact, you can check out what our 4G broadband customers are saying about our service - in their own words - by clicking here.

So much so that over a year ago, we decided to stop selling satellite broadband altogether. 4G broadband is clearly a far more attractive and a far more appropriate solution for homes and businesses that cannot access a fast fibre-based broadband service. With 4G coverage expanding so rapidly, combined with our commitment only to offer best-of-breed solutions to our customers, it made complete sense for us to concentrate exclusively on providing 4G broadband.

To put it simply, we just didn't feel it right to continue promoting satellite broadband as a connectivity solution to broadband-starved enquirers, when there are far more effective and far better value 4G broadband options available to almost everyone that outperform satellite in near on every single way. Click here for a detailed comparison between 4G and satellite broadband that clearly explains the pros and cons.

So, if you are within coverage of our 4G broadband services - and 99% of all properties within the UK now are - we very strongly recommend that you consider these first - because 4G broadband is almost invariably much faster and always far cheaper from a data point of view than satellite broadband.

And remember - even if you haven't got a reliable mobile phone signal at your property - by using the high gain directional external 4G antenna that we fit as standard, we can still provide a fast and stable broadband service over 4G to the vast majority of locations within the UK. Click here to see just how competitive our market-leading monthly 4G broadband plans are.

Due to its unavoidable disadvantages, satellite-delivered broadband really should only ever be viewed as the option of last resort - something to think about only when there's no other viable alternative available to you.

However, if you do find yourself unable to get our fast 4G broadband, have made yourself fully aware of all the disadvantages inherent within a satellite broadband service and are still really sure that you want to go down that route, then - and only then - it might just be worth your searching for a satellite broadband provider.

So why not call us on 03333 447700 or just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?

We'll be more than happy to talk with you about your options.