When would I buy a Data Top-Up?

A Data Top-Up is a quick and easy way of adding a set amount of data to your account. You would buy a Top-Up if you have used up your data (separate limits apply for upload and download).

A 1 GB Top-Up gives you 853 MB of download and 171 MB of upload.

Top-Ups apply to the current Generation 4 Packages (and the Legacy Value and Nomad packages). If you exceed either your download or upload allowance before you have bought a Top-Up don't worry, you will be redirected to My Account automatically where you can purchase a Top-Up and review your usage.

The exact Top-Up cost for your package is shown when you click the "Buy Top-Up" button on your "My Account" page.

This takes you to a page where the cost and conditions are shown and you are asked to confirm your purchase. Make sure to read the information on the screen before you click "Confirm", click it only once and wait for up to 30 minutes for it to activate. Multiple clicks will buy multiple Top-Ups and once bought, they can not be refunded.

For Generation 4 packages, a 1 GB Top-Up costs £7 inc VAT

on Sunday August 24 by SatInt Infodesk
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