Six key reasons to choose Satellite Internet

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We at Satellite Internet have been proudly trading for well over 15 years and have always solely concentrated on bringing broadband connectivity to some of the most challenging, rural and remote locations within the UK - those areas where traditional broadband delivery technologies either will not or indeed cannot reach.

The beauty of our satellite-based broadband service is every single premises in the entire UK already falls under its coverage - so quite literally any property can be brought online. All that's needed is access to mains power and a place to mount a dish that offers a clear line of sight to the southern sky.


We have literally thousands of subscribers to our satellite-based broadband service across the entirety of the UK and beyond.

Although the majority of our customers are those needing a fast and robust broadband service at their home, we also have a substantial number of business customers to whom we provide essential internet connectivity.


We have quite deliberately chosen only to partner with SES, Europe's leading satellite operator which owns and operates the ASTRA satellite fleet, as the source of our satellite broadband connectivity. This ensures that our monthly satellite broadband packages each offer the very best in price and performance.


Because we've been installing satellite-based broadband all around the country for well over a decade and a half, we've already got highly trained and fully nationwide professional installation resources fully in place.

This means that once we've fully processed your order for satellite internet, you could be up and running with fast and robust broadband service in just a week or so.


Although we pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our broadband services, there may be the odd occasion where you need help with an issue.

It’s therefore reassuring to know that our dedicated UK-based telephone support staff are always just a phonecall away and ready to offer you assistance at quite literally any time of the day or night - our customer support helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


We are very proud to have been fully approved as a supplier to all current government broadband subsidy schemes on a nationwide basis and as such, we are delighted to be helping with the UK Government's commitment to bridge the so-called "digital divide" and bring faster broadband to those locations most in need of it.

We are fully approved as a Retail Services Provider under:-

  • Broadband Delivery UK's Better Broadband Scheme - running nationwide across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to give immediate assistance to those people suffering with the slowest speeds by providing a subsidised installation for a better broadband connection
  • The Welsh Assembly's Access Broadband Cymru Scheme - providing subsidised faster broadband connections across Wales
  • Connecting Devon & Somerset's Better Broadband Scheme - ensuring that residents in the West Country also have subsidised access to fast broadband

If you've only got access to poor broadband speeds, you may well qualify for a government subsidy that could see you up and running on our satellite broadband service in just a couple of weeks or so... AND saving you well over £400 on start-up costs in the process!

For more information on the availability of government subsidy schemes, please click here.

We also recommend that you take a look at our sister division - 4G Internet - and its wide range of 4G-based monthly broadband packages. To visit our 4G Internet website, please click here.

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