Should you get 4G or satellite broadband for your home or business?

What 4G broadband does better than Satellite

4G is already being used to provide a fast, stable and cost-effective broadband connection to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the entire UK - and especially those that cannot get good broadband speeds over their landlines. Satellite broadband on the other hand should only really be considered as the option of last resort, when no other form of connectivity is available to you.

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4G broadband is almost invariably faster than satellite broadband – and don’t forget that with any of our monthly 4G plans, all your data is sent at the maximum speed available and none of it gets automatically slowed or “throttled”.

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Cost of Data

4G broadband offers plans including true unlimited full-speed data. On satellite broadband, with its automatic speed throttling after a small ”priority data” allowance has been used up, one GB of full-speed data costs at least 70p.

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Latency is the delay in communication between the equipment in your house and the Internet. With 4G broadband, latency runs at around 30 to 40milliseconds, which is around twice the levels of traditional landline broadband.

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4G coverage is being extended literally every single week – with roughly 98% of all UK home and business premises already covered. Just get in touch and we'll let you know instantly which of our 4G broadband services you’re covered by.

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Service Stability

Although neither 4G nor satellite rely on physical cabling to deliver broadband to your property, a 4G broadband service is inevitably going to be a lot more stable and reliable – because you’re connected via a mast that’s relatively nearby.

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External Antenna

If 4G signal is weaker where you are, we'll fit a small high gain 4G antenna to the outside of your property. This allows us to get you connected with 4G broadband even at locations where smartphones may only show low 4G coverage.

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