Satellite Internet is a specialist satellite ISP serving homes and businesses in rural and hard-to-reach areas all over the UK and Eire. It is a division of BeyonDSL which was launched in 2001 by a team of people involved in the first IP-over-DVB-S trials in Europe and the development of digital TV and interactive services over satellite.

We are part of the Eurosat Group, the UK's leading distributor to the independent trade of satellite equipment & consumer electronics. With 10 branches all over the UK, Eurosat has been serving the satellite trade and retail sector since before ASTRA 1A was launched in 1988!

Based in London with installers all over the country, Satellite Internet has extensive experience in low-cost satellite broadband for consumers and SMEs and is proud to be SBBS's partner in the UK for SES Broadband Services (SBBS).

In the early years, we supplied a hybrid system which used your dial-up to connect to the internet and the satellite internet was only on the download. But when you had been used to dial-up of 50kbps or less, to be able to add up to 2Mbps download was a great system.

Times move on and so does technology. Today, we supply the latest in Ka-band two-way satellite broadband systems using Europe's premier satellite service provider, SES. Now anyone in the footprint of our Service Zones can get up to 20Mbps download with 2Mbps upload.

Satellite Internet is a division of Limited.
Registered in England 04122162. VAT no GB 727 664800.
Registered Office 3 Phoenix Park, Apsley Way, London NW2 7LN
Tel 03333 447700 Int'l +44 (0)3333 447700