Satellite Internet – using alternative technology to deliver high quality broadband across the whole UK

We are a specialist internet service provider dedicated to supplying broadband to more rural and remote homes and businesses

We are a division of National Broadband alongside our sister division 4G Internet.

As a group, the range of technologies we have access to allows us to provide the best possible broadband service to the many hundreds of thousands of UK premises where traditional fibre-based services either don’t exist or fail to adequately deliver.

Based in London but with installation capability all over the country, we have over 20 years of experience as providers of fast, reliable broadband connectivity to some of the most challenging, rural and remote home and business locations across the UK. Time from initial contact to our broadband services going live at any given location is typically less than two weeks, but can take as little as 48 hours.

These days, we primarily utilise 4G to enable more rurally located properties with fast and stable broadband, because it represents by far the best solution. However, more recently, we have also started to offer Ultrafast 5G broadband services to urban homes and businesses.

Our parent company is NEEM Holdings Limited, which also owns Eurosat Distribution, the UK's leading wholesaler of satellite and AV distribution equipment to the construction industry and independent trade alike and Manhattan TV, the UK brand leader in the manufacture and supply of super smart TV set-top boxes and recorders.

  • National Broadband Limited
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  • Telephone: 03333 447701
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