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Satellite Internet - who we are

We at Satellite Internet have been helping UK homes and businesses let down by traditional landline broadband services get much faster internet connectivity for well over two decades.

For our first 15 years, we used satellite to supply broadband to our customers. However over six years ago, we spotted the potential of using 4G as a delivery method for the broadband we supply and started to offer 4G-based services as well

We instantly saw a huge increase in our customer satisfaction levels and so decided to exclusively concentrate on using 4G (and now also 5G) technology to bring much-improved broadband to digitally deprived UK properties. Almost immediately, pretty much anywhere and much more cost-effectively.

We are also National Broadband

We decided then and there to set up a separate division - National Broadband Ltd - through which to offer our 4G and 5G services. This is where you'll find all the information you could need on the 4G and 5G broadband that we deliver today.

And because we genuinely care about you having the best possible broadband service for where you are, if you're in one of the very few UK properties still not covered by 4G or 5G, we'll then recommend a satellite broadband service for you to take a look at.

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