09 December 2011

10Mbs has landed! We're very pleased to announce the latest high-speed 10Mbps services are now available. Thanks to ASTRA's recently launched ASTRA 1N, this additional capacity allows us to offer faster speeds to customers.

All new services are the new "Value Plus" type which combine high-speed data quota with the "Plus" of follow on speeds even after you have used up your data quota. Click on the Packages tab above to explore which one is right for you.


satmodem NTC/2250 NTC/2252 NTC/2252
position 23.5 23.5 28.2
       2M2 V+
   6M2 V+ 6M2 V+ 6M2 V+
    10M4 V+ 10M4 V+
     10M6 V+ 10M6 V+
     10M12 V+ 10M12 V+

The old-style Standard and Value services are still available for existing customers.