14 August 2011

We are very pleased to announce increased speed up to 6Mbps, a new type of account with even better value - ValuePlus - and the opening of a new satellite broadband position for the UK at 28.2°E to fulfil the increased demand.

  1. New Speed - New package of up to 6Mbps available to all customers on 23.5°E
    • No changes needed to their dish, iLNB or satmodem
  2. New Packages - ValuePlus packages add unlimited follow-on data at 256kbps in addition to the data quota of 2, 4, 6 or 12GB of the base package
    • 6M2 V+ available to existing systems
  3. New Hub – the latest ACM Hub has been deployed on 28.2°E
    • 2M2 V+ at only £14.99 – lowest monthly cost for satellite broadband
    • 6M2 V+ only £19.99
    • Other 6M packages up to 12GB

Since BeyonDSL brought the ASTRA2Connect service to UK customers in 2009, there has been a continual program of service developments and upgrades. The deployment of the new hub on 28.2°E is the latest but by no means the last.

  • Jan 2009 – 2Mbps across all UK (meeting the government "Universal Service Commitment")
  • Jun 2009 – Value packages introduced up to 2Mbps with set data quota
  • Nov 2009 – up to 4Mbps introduced
  • Mar 2010 – Nomadic package for PAYG transportable systems
  • July 2010 – VOIP SLA launched
  • Aug 2010 – Value packages upgraded to include FreeZone
  • Nov 2010 – MaxValue 4 plus enhanced value on ValueZone 1M, ValueZone 2M
  • Aug 2011 – ValuePlus delivers up to 6MBps

The development of the system is ongoing. We are working with ASTRA and their suppliers to introduce new enhancements and speed upgrades regularly in the future as we have to date.