14 August 2011

We are pleased to announce another upgrade and can now offer speeds up to 6Mbps to all customers.

This upgrade is just one in the ongoing development of the system which has seen speeds treble from 2Mbps in just 2 years since launch in 2009. Future developments include a roadmap to 16Mbps by 2015.

The upgrade launches a whole new style of package: ValuePlus to combine the speed of data quota Value packages with the unlimited data of the Standard packages. We've achieved this by adding a "follow-on" SpeedStep of up to 256kbps to Value to create "ValuePlus".

As with Value packages, there's a set data quota each month. But unlike Value, when the data quota is finished, you can carry on using the internet at the follow-on speed of up to 256kbps.And if you want to go back to the top SpeedStep, there's the flexibility of 1GB TopUps you can buy online at any time.

In addition to the new 6M2 V+ service available on 23.5°E, the new hub at 28.2°E adds extra capacity and is equipped with the latest Adaptive Coding (ACM) to boost throughput under adverse conditions.

Many, but not all, of the existing installed systems will be able to take advantage of the new hub if customers choose to repoint. For full details and a compatibility chart, please see this guide.